Buying a Marble Cigar Ashtray

If you’re looking for an astray online you should have no problem finding the right ashtray for you in a very short period of time. I needed a new cigar ashtray not long ago for my home office. I wanted something that had an expensive look and feel to it, but I didn’t want it to actually be expensive. Anyhow, I thought a nice marble cigar ashtray would be a nice addition to my home office. Especially if I could find this marble cigar ashtray in a dark color, preferably black. I thought I would check online first to see what kind of prices I could expect to pay for a nice marble cigar ash tray.

I jumped on my favorite search engine,, and typed in my search term “black marble cigar ashtray” and waited for the results. I received over 300,000 results for the keyword phrase black marble cigar ashtray. Needless to say it took some digging to find exactly what I wanted, but when I saw it I knew instantly that this was the right cigar ashtray for my home office.

I landed on the website and started browsing their cigar ashtrays when I found this amazing black marble square ashtray that almost jumped off the page at me. Made of solid black marble, this cigar ashtray is an impressive 1ΒΌ thick. At the current time the marble cigar ashtray is going for $39.99 so it seemed like a really good deal. I jumped on it and ordered one for the office off the website which sells products. Actually, I ordered two of them since my brothers birthday is right around the corner and he also smokes cigars. For less than a hundred bucks I had two brand new black marble square ashtrays including the shipping costs!best cigar humidor offers excellent info on this.

A few days later I received a package in the mail from I knew exactly what it was as I hadn’t ordered anything online other than the ashtrays lately. I promptly ripped the box open to check out my new cigar ashtrays. I then took the marble ashtrays out of the box to inspect for any damages as sometimes packages do get damaged in transit. Luckily both of my marble cigar ashtrays were in perfect condition with no problems. I immediately took the ashtray to its final resting place on the corner of my desk.

In the endFind Article, finding a marble cigar ashtray for my office was a snap. The world wide web really makes life easy for us lazy people that like to shop online. Thanks to I was easily able to find an ashtray that fit my needs and budget.